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Each furnace in this Sound Tool is tested in the video library at The Sanders Group in Indianapolis, IN.

The room resembles a partially finished basement. The ceiling is 3/4" OSB flooring supported by 2x10" joists. It has a bare concrete floor. The walls are concrete block covered by 2x4" studs with insulation and gypsum wallboard. In the room are standard metal shelves holding a variety of business items.

The ductwork is standard sheet metal. The return duct is 10x20" and supply duct is 8x20". There is one 20x20" return grill and four 8x12" supply grills. All return and supply grills are set to fixed opening positions that are not changed as each furnace is operated. The supply grill openings were set to provide 1/2-inch of external static pressure (ESP) with 1400 CFM of airflow through the duct system.

All sound measurements are taken from a distance of three feet in front of the furnace and at a height of 43 inches above the floor, placing the microphone roughly at the center of the furnace. Measurements are made in decibels, with the frequencies measured weighted to those heard by the human ear. The nomenclature for this is "dBA."

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